Electromagnetic warfare has become a growing global concern, which threatens all the developed countries — it effects all electrical and electronic components and networks.

An electromagnetic weapon achieves shock effect over large target sets — aiming to immediately paralyze communications systems.

EMblock helps to achieve not only NATO objectives, but also civilian mission for the EU countries to comply with the recently enacted regulations to protect workers from exposure to excessive electromagnetic fields and also to adhere to smart specialization strategies


The project is timely and relevant. Remarkably potent and thus dangerous EM weaponry has been developed by non-NATO countries – which demands in response capable defence systems/solutions, such as EMblock can provide.
Additionally, we are experiencing exponential increase in various types of electromagnetic fields being proliferated in the surrounding environment, so there exists consequential necessity to protect people and equipment from such fields.
Indeed implementation of this project will generate economic growth and job creation in Latvia, Estonia and beyond, supporting European leadership in Smart technologies/processes for advanced manufacturing and knowledge-intensive products.

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